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I wanted to thank you so much for allowing me to honor the death of my father. Your piece was very moving and you made what could have been a simple fire story into one of compassion and meaning. You have restored some faith I have about the media, and I wanted to thank you for your sympathy and your effort to allow my father to be known.


-- Eyewitness News viewer

I want to take a moment to recognize you for thinking digitally. You're consistently pitching stories, turning around pictures and video and quickly answering questions about your stories in a timely manner. It's a huge help as we push forward in the digital space. Whether it's for broadcast or digital, your can-do attitude is appreciated.

-- Eyewitness News senior digital producer

You’re the ultimate journalist – always enterprising, always tenacious, always owning the story on all platforms.


-- Eyewitness News executive producer


I just saw your segment on the air show and I wanted to say I love your energy and little pep in your step! So rare for a reporter and really made me want to continue to watch!


-- Eyewitness News viewer


Just wanted to let you know that I am happy you were chosen to do the Leiby Kletzky coverage. I am an orthodox Jew and have not been able to watch a lot of the coverage because it's just too painful, but I have found some comfort in your reporting because it is obvious that you are putting your heart and soul into it and your compassion clearly shines through.


-- WCBS viewer


If you are looking for an employee who is smart, respectful, hard-working, resourceful, has integrity and knows the inner workings of complicated police investigations, then look no further than Kristin Thorne.

-- Captain Ron Camacho, York City, Pennsylvania Police Department

I would like to let you know I always thought your reporting was excellent. You made every effort to provide an accurate story yet remain conscientious to those who were involved. Reporters like you are few and far between.


-- First Assistant District Attorney, Adams County, Pennsylvania


Your piece today at the police sergeant's funeral was well-constructed and sensitive. Often the presence of press at such an event becomes intrusive. Your conduct around the officers and mourners today was admirable.


 -- New Jersey police lieutenant


I really enjoyed talking with you about pushing positive news. I can't help but think of you when I watch any news and wonder why everyone has to report all bad news - you should teach other reporters your great philosophy! It seems as though you are unique and our community could use more of your attitude!
-- York County, Pennsylvania literacy advocate


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